In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Name Chairs Description
Air Cadet Squadrons
Hamilton, Ken
865 Air Cadets 292 Air Cadets 250 Air Cadets
Bicentennial School Milk Program Provide funding to support Nutrition Program
Board of Directors
Eliminate Project
Bagnell, Glen
Unicef partnership to rid maternal and neonatal tetanus
House and Reception
Turner, Allan
Lethbridge, Judy
Schedule greeters for weekly luncheon meetings.
Conrad, Kim
Organize monthly interclub meetings.
Kinghorn, Darlene
Key Leader
Bagnell, Glen
Wilkie, Ken
three day Leadership Camps for students to learn and understand life values.
Kiwanis Christmas Trees
Lockyer, Greg
Fundraiser project through sale trees and wreaths
Kiwanis Kones
Hood, Art
Fundraiser / student employment through ice cream sales
Kiwanis Pancake Brunch
Kiwanis TV Bingo (Eastlink)
Robertson, Betty
Thursday evening fundraiser in partnership with Eastlink.
Kiwaniscope Newsletter
MacLeod, David
Provide weekly meeting highlights and club news to membership.
Lobster Supper
MacLeod, David
Administration fundraiser
Maple Syrup
Simms, Jonathan
Spring fundraiser through sale N.S Maple Syrup.
MacLeod, David
The promotion of our Club.
Morash, Bernard
Solicit & retain membership. Organize membership round-ups and new member orientation meetings.
Natal Day / Mother Goose
Rissesco, Timothy
Childrens event held near Alderney Landing each year.
Nova Scotia Kiwanis Music Festival
Hood, Art
Organize annual music festival.
SCAW - (Sleeping Children Around World) Netting project to help eliminate mosquito virus in children.
Senior Center Coordinating
Robertson, Betty
Sick and Visiting
Lethbridge, Judy
SLP (Builders, Key, Circle K)
Wilkie, Ken
Trip Of The Month
Powell, Kelly
Travel Fundraiser - monthly prizes with only 300 tickets made available.
Young Children Priority One Organize service projects for children under the age of 5 years