Kiwanis Club Of Dartmouth awards scholarships annually and are supported by the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada. 




Student should be graduating from High School and be planning to go to any post secondary institution;  e.g. university, college, trade school, etc.  The High School should be named as well as the institution(s) where the student has been accepted.  The faculty, i.e. medical, psychology, welding school, etc. to be pursued should be named.


The Kiwanis Club of Dartmouth gives 2- $1000 Scholarships annually


Basic information required:  Student’s full name and address, Social Insurance Number, phone number, and e-mail address


Students should provide us with their accomplishments including work experience, if any, extra curricular school activities, volunteer work, sports, music and/or other activities, letters of reference, school transcript of student’s marks, and any special academic and/or non academic achievements or awards.


Our Scholarship Committee evaluates on the following criteria:  School marks, Personal character, Extra curricular school activities, Volunteer work, Financial need.


Application required to be submitted by end of April, and student will be advised by the end of May.


Contact Scholarship Chairman, Gerry Lethbridge  (902)463-5297 or